Product return and/or replacement policy

We take every possible measure so that all products (regardless of type) are specially and carefully packaged so that they reach you without damage. In very rare cases, however, there is a case that one of these products wears out when it is sent to you. For this reason, we invite you to check the products upon receipt. After the driver leaves, product withdrawal/replacement will not be possible.

However, in case you find that there is an alteration or violation of the outer packaging or the inner one due to the transfer or you receive a different product code from the one you ordered and you do not wish to receive your order, and contact us at that time by phone at: 2310 814284 and between the hours of 08.30 am – 20.00 pm, the driver must be present, telling us if you wish to have a new one sent to you for replacement or if you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal. In case you want a new product to be sent to you for replacement, the new product will be sent to you as soon as possible, with the same guide without any additional charge.

In case of your withdrawal, your refund will be made via bank within the next working day, from our information.

You have the right to withdraw only in the above two cases and not in case the product does not meet your expectations (such as appearance).